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Mike Markham received a BA in art education and an MFA in sculpture and three dimensional design at ASU.  He taught high school and university art classes and then was a self-employed custom furniture designer and builder.  He has spent the majority of his adult life as a sculptor, creating non-objective, contemporary works and has exhibited throughout the United States.


Pat Markham taught 34 years as an elementary school teacher as well as an adjunct professor for six years.  She discovered clay over 25 years ago and has enjoyed the process of creating decorative and functional pottery on the potter's wheel. 


Both Mike and Pat strive for perfection of form and function with simple and elegant design and finish.  They have developed an appreciation for and have been influenced by Asian shapes and colors.  Their work reflects a calm, meditative feel.  Together they collaborate on their art, with Pat usually creating the clay aspects and Mike adding the sculptural parts with various media.  The work you see on these pages is a sampling of their style as it has evolved over the years.  We invite you to contact us for more information or to take a closer look at our work.

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